Customer Commitment

We at NOCN are proud to support you and that is why we have created five promises outlining exactly what our customers can expect from us:

Our service to you is always FRIENDLY, FLEXIBLE and RESPONSIVE

To treat our customers in a professional and open manner. All e-mail and telephone enquiries to be resolved quickly and effectively by a member of our Customer Service team.

We will provide you with SUPPORT and TRAINING

Our ‘Support Package’ includes webinars, workshops and user guidance, which, combined with our well trained staff being just a phone call away, ensures support is at the forefront of your customer experience.

We will provide you with effective PROCESSES

Our processes and procedures both internally and externally are constantly being reviewed so that we can ensure you are always provided with the most fuss-free customer experience

Our service ensures TRANSPARENCY

Our commitment to provide you with clear and accurate information allows you to remain hassle free, safe in the knowledge that NOCN can provide you with concise answers to all of your questions.

Our service allows you to have YOUR SAY

We want to hear from you about how we are doing; the good and the bad. We want your feedback on how our services can continue to improve.

What our customers say

“I have never worked with an Awarding Body that has been so flexible and responsive in working with us to meet the complex needs of our learners.”

Cygnet Healthcare

“The NOCN team are very friendly and approachable whilst at the same time remaining professional!”

Herefordshire Council

“NOCN Staff have always been extremely helpful and quick to respond.”


“I have always found the staff approachable, knowledgeable and efficient.”

Post Office

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