Concern over RoATP announcement delays

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Despite initial reports that training providers would find out early this week whether they have been approved to deliver newly reformed apprenticeships, the RoATP announcement from the Skills Funding agency has been delayed without explanation. 

Graham Hasting-Evans, Managing Director at NOCN comments on the impact of the delays: 

“We understand training providers' frustration at this time; they were expecting to know by now if they are on RoATP to deliver apprenticeship training to employers and this delay will affect their business, undermine confidence, and reduce goodwill for the apprenticeship programme. Employers are paying the Levy in less than a month and need reassurance that their money will be well invested in skills for their business.” 

As an Approved Apprentice Assessment Organisation (AAO) working closely with both training providers and employers we feel their pain and understand their concerns about the financial impact of the delays. Some employers already have apprentices on the programme who will be coming up to the End Point Assessment stage and still don’t know if their training provider is approved and whether they will be eligible to utilise the levy. 

We would like to reassure both training providers and employers that we are approved and operationally ready to go with delivering End Point Assessment as soon as the RoATP is announced and look forward to working with them.

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