NOCN supports launch of Government's productivity hub 'bethebusiness'

Tuesday 11 July 2017

The Government’s Productivity Leadership Team has today (11 July 2017) launched to address the UK’s productivity gap by encouraging and supporting businesses and organisations to improve performance output and change workforce behaviour.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) estimates that, on average, Germany, France and the USA are about a third more productive than the UK. This gap currently stands at 36 percentage points behind Germany, 30 points behind the US and France and 10 points behind Italy.

NOCN, which is the only awarding body in the UK with specialist qualifications in productivity, is committed to supporting the Government’s plan to drive productivity improvements. We have been involved in the development of, providing insight and case studies on how our qualifications have tangibly increased productivity in both UK-based and Middle-Eastern organisations.

The Council’s Chair, Sir Charlie Mayfield, also Chair of the John Lewis Partnership, commented, “For many, ‘productivity’ is the language of economists, but it’s also critical to a healthy heartbeat for the economy, for wages and for competitiveness”.

NOCN’s Managing Director Graham Hasting-Evans was invited as a keynote speaker to the recent 18th World Productivity Congress in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which brought together experts on productivity science development shaping future organisational strategies from across the globe. 

Graham commented: “What struck me was that our competitors seem to have a better grasp of productivity and give it more priority than the UK. It is more embedded in their consciousness. There is plenty for the new team to do to change our understanding and approach to productivity.  As well as innovation and capital and technological investment, skills development is one of the most important factors for improving productivity and NOCN will be leading the way in this area.”

NOCN works with employers from micro businesses to large corporates on productivity improvement, offering a complete learner package. Read about how we helped Somerset-based SME Norseland Ltd and our Productivity Improvement Program in the Middle-East here:

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