NOCN Tackles UK’s Productivity Crisis

Friday 6 October 2017

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has today announced that the productivity of UK workers has fallen for the second quarter in a row and economists have warned that we are seriously ‘lagging’ behind major trading partners including US, France and Germany.

Our Managing Director Graham Hasting -Evans comments: It is well documented that the UK suffers from a serious and long-standing productivity gap, operating at around 30% lower productivity than other G7 nations. This means that wages are lower and hours are longer. At NOCN, we believe that addressing the UK's productivity challenge is absolutely vital, especially in the light of Brexit and general economic uncertainty, and we are the only awarding body with qualifications specifically focusing on this.”

Productivity Qualifications from NOCN include:

  • NOCN Level 4 Certificate in the Management of Productivity
  • NOCN Level 4 Diploma in the Management of Productivity
  • NOCN Level 5 Award in Productivity Improvement Practice
  • NOCN Level 5 Certificate in Productivity Improvement Practice
  • NOCN Level 5 Diploma in Productivity Improvement Practice
  • NOCN Level 5 Data Analysis in Support of Productivity Improvement Projects

Following his attendance at the Reform Roundtable at this week’s Conservative Party Conference, led by Rt Hon Anne Milton MP, Minister of State for Apprenticeships, Graham produced the ‘Action Plan for World Beating Skills’ that looks at how we challenge the 30% productivity gap and fix the UK’s skills problem.

NOCN works with employers from micro businesses to large corporates on productivity improvement, offering a complete learner package. Read about how we helped Somerset-based SME Norseland Ltd and our Productivity Improvement Program in the Middle-East.





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