Qualification Levels and Equivalences

What are NOCN Qualification Levels and what are they equivalent to?

  • The level of the learning you undertake is similar to the level of study needed for other courses and UK wide recognised qualifications
  • NOCN award credits at eight different levels
  • A credit is a way of measuring, recognising and valuing your learning
  • The level, given on the certificate for each unit you have achieved shows the stage you have reached in your learning

Entry Level

  • Qualifications and units at Entry Level provides a basis for progression to other qualifications

Level 1

  • This is comparable to NVQ Level 1, GCSEs D-G and Foundation Diploma

Level 2

  • This is comparable to NVQ Level 2, GCSEs A* to C and Higher Diploma

Level 3

  • This is comparable to NVQ Level 3, A and AS Levels, Advanced Diploma