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Provider Guide - A Guide to Delivering Adult Skills Provision to the Unemployed

AELP and LSIS have produced a toolkit designed for all providers active in the employment, learning and skills markets, Provider Guide - A Guide to Delivering Adult Skills Provision to the Unemployed, link below.

AELP Provider Guide May 2012

This is also available on the AELP website via the hyperlink below:

QCF unit funding 2012/13

The Skills Funding Agency have now published details of unit funding for 2012/13. Information is available on their website via the following hyperlink:

Please note that the Agency will no longer be producing a list of funded units. Providers will be able to use units within the Rules of Combination of a qualification already approved for funding within the Adult Skills Budget and as part of OLASS 4 or the Offer for the Unemployed.

Further information is available in the Skills Funding Agency's guidance document. Guidance on Unit Delivery Arrangements 2012 13

Hyperlinks to useful websites

Skills Funding Agency

Skills Funding Agency list of qualifications approved for public funding and details of QCF offer to support individuals who are unemployed and need help to enter work:

A New Streamlined Funding System for Adult Skills
Updated document published by the Skills Funding Agency June 2012, which sets out the arrangements for testing a new simplified funding system to be implemented in 2013/14, also available on the Agency's website:

new streamlined funding system for adult skills june2012

Learning Aim Reference Application (LARA)

The Education Funding Agency

The Data Service

For information on funding NOCN provision in Wales please contact Gaynor Michael on

For information on funding NOCN provision in Northern Ireland please contact Martin Flynn at on