Make Apprenticeships Matter with NOCN

Apprenticeships are an established and effective vocational route for many people to achieve occupational competency in specific roles in many different industries. They are regarded as a viable alternative to university for many careers.

Apprenticeships are integral to the country's economic recovery with three million new apprenticeship starts promised by the Government over the next five years.

NOCN is at the forefront of apprenticeship reforms including the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in the UK, working in partnership with employers, FE colleges, training providers and skills experts in Trailblazer groups to develop a range of standards and assessments for new apprenticeships.

NOCN is a market leading Government-approved Apprentice Assessment Organisation (AAO) for End Point Assessments (EPA) for 38 apprenticeship standards in a range of sectors (link).

With 30 years' experience of 'creating opportunities' through vocational training as an educational charity, we believe in 'Making Apprenticeships Matter' for employers, training providers and apprentices by offering great value for money and excellent quality. We're the reliable, flexible choice and the first port of call for advice on how to get the most out of apprenticeships.

  • At NOCN, we are at the forefront of reforms to apprenticeships in the UK and our managing director Graham Hasting-Evans has been working closely with Government and employers on the development of the levy scheme for organisations with a pay roll over £3m.

  • For employers to be able to justify the investment in time, resource and money of offering apprenticeships, they need to be able to guarantee that they will have an impact on both their commercial and social goals.