With one in six construction workers due to retire within the next 10 years and the number of people in the industry more than halving since the start of the recession, the construction industry is crying out for skilled people to replace them.  

ConstructionWith our expertise and unique approach, we’re in the best position to help employers and training providers bridge the skills gap and develop qualifications that industry needs, in a way that motivates learners and helps build a quality workforce.

Our construction qualifications go a long way to give learners a sound and robust understanding of working in the construction industry. We’ve developed our courses in partnership with specialist personnel from the FE, private training providers, construction companies’ clients and employers.

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Who our construction qualifications are aimed at?

Our qualifications are for colleges, training providers and employers who have in-house training facilities or employ apprentices.

They cover the building trades and over the coming months we will be extending our range of qualifications for civil engineering, apprenticeships and construction plant.

Apprenticeships in Construction

NOCN has a wide range of apprenticeships in construction available for delivery and is working on the new reformed Trailblazers as well.

Why choose us?

We’re members of the industry's Built Environment Awarding Body Forum and work with the Sector Skills Councils and Standard Setting Bodies across the UK. We’re also on the UK National Steering Committee for the European wide Build Up Skills programme.

Build Up Skills UK is backed by the European Commission and aims to deliver a Roadmap to support closing the training and skills gap in the UK workforce to enable it to meet the EU 2020 energy efficiency targets.

We work with over 2,500 colleges and training providers. And, as one of the UK’s largest awarding organisations, we want to make sure learners from all parts of society can access qualifications and achieve an award which helps them onto an apprenticeship, into employment or generally with the skills needed for life.

We’ve transformed the way we promote diversity and we’re proud to say that in 2013 we became the very first awarding organisation to become an Investor in Diversity. Now NOCN has been awarded 'Awarding Body of the Year' and is ranked in the top 100 for Diversity with NCFD.

Special promotion - NOCN Health and Safety in Construction Award Keep your workforce healthy and happy for a more productive and profitable business with this award from NOCN.

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