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Charitable Objectives

As a successful not-for-profit business, NOCN provides excellent value for money, with low overheads and the reinvestment of surplus back into the business, resulting in competitive prices and excellent quality.

NOCN is a registered charity (1079785) - operating not-for-profit and investing income back into the organisation - with the following objectives:

The advancement of education of the public in one or more of the following ways:

  • By promoting and widening participation in education and training including for those people who have previously been excluded from educational opportunities.
  • By improving the quality and flexibility of educational provision for the public benefit, including for those people who have previously been excluded from educational opportunities; and
  • By improving access for learning opportunities and facilitating progression to further learning, employment and higher education particularly through the award of credit and credit-based qualifications.

NOCN strives every day to deliver services in line with these aims. It also supports projects and provides services which specifically meet these objectives, including:

  • The AoC Student Photographic Competition
  • Pathways to Adulthood Study Programme
  • UNDP Bangladesh
  • The Festival of Learning
  • Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

We’re committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and were the first awarding organisation to achieve a Leader in Diversity award.

Leaders in Diversity

Charitable Membership

We work with a large number of employers, colleges, training providers, schools and third sector organisations to make sure learners from all parts of society can access qualifications and achieve an award which helps them on to an apprenticeship, into employment or generally with the skills needed for life.

We also help employers and training providers bridge the skills gap and develop qualifications that industry needs.

As one of the largest awarding organisations in the UK, we work hard to ensure that we’re continuously improving and that our qualifications are practical and up-to-date – Robust, Relevant and Recognised.

We also recognise that working with others to design qualifications fit for industry, today and in the future, can produce real benefits. And so we’re now looking to expand the membership of our charity. We would welcome the input and support from a wide range of organisations including employers, training providers and those involved in education, adult education and workforce development, to help us change lives and make a real difference.

Why become a member?

Members of the charity have a real say in shaping our priorities and future direction and enable us to deliver what learners, employees and employers need for a 21st century digital economy.

The benefits to you as a member include:

a) Make a real difference to learners, employee and employers;
b) Say in the employment and employer led development of qualifications and skills;
c) Attendance at NOCN organised events every 6 months;
d) Oversight of NOCN performance and position at the six monthly members sessions with the opportunity of influencing service standards and performance;
e) Say on the business strategy;
f) Say on the business priorities; and
g) Say on what NOCN can do to achieve its charitable objectives.

Please note there are no application or annual fees for being a charitable member.

How to apply

If you would like to apply please email