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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

NOCN is the only AO and EPAO to be an accredited Leader in Diversity with the NCFD (National Centre for Diversity) and its ‘Valuing All’ programme ensures its business and ways of working incorporate equality, diversity and inclusivity.

NOCN is a socially responsible organisation that gives equal access to opportunities and removes barriers to involvement. Our relentless drive for fairness for all allows participation by the widest pool of talent - with everyone empowered to go as far and as fast as their talents and energies allow. This makes industry fit to face the challenges of the twentyfirst century, boosting productivity and improving the UK workforce’s skills capacity.

In 2016 NOCN was the very first Awarding Organisation and Apprentice End Point Assessment Organisation to receive Leaders in Diversity status. Reaccredited by the National Centre for Diversity, in July 2017, our robust equality, diversity and inclusion policy is called ‘Valuing All’ - reflecting the fact that all people are valued by NOCN.

Valuing All – Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

Download Valuing All leaflet below.

Valuing All is the name of the shared NOCN and One Awards Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan for 2015-2017.

We are committed to Valuing All people, giving equal access to opportunities, removing discrimination and breaking down barriers to involvement. The logo represents everyone, proud of our diversity, all equally included.

What is EDI?

  • Equality - It’s not about treating everyone the same, it’s about ensuring equality of opportunity by considering different needs and capabilities.
  • Diversity - Recognising and valuing differences regardless of sex, age, disability, gender identity, race, religion/belief, sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity status and marital or other status.
  • Inclusion - It’s a universal human right! To include all people irrespective of race, gender, disability or another attribute which can be perceived as different.

Valuing All - Principles

  • Opportunities for everyone
  • Investing in our people
  • Commitment to inclusion
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Measure what matters


  1. Promote our shared commitment to EDI.
  2. Increase the range and volume of data collected from Centres to inform our EDI Strategy and future development.
  3. Produce guidance for customers to promote our EDI commitment, the importance of EDI data collection and how this is used to improve our services.
  4. Increase knowledge of EDI and encourage responsibility and accountability amongst our staff and trustees.
  5. Equip staff through training, information and champions to embed EDI into daily activities.


  1. Review and improve EDI data collection in relation to learners and staff enabling us to monitor effectively, identify and take action on any issues.
  2. Publish case studies and articles which promote EDI.
  3. Produce guidance for centres and learners to promote our position on EDI and increases support for these aims.
  4. Review and promote our standard operating procedures for data collection and monitoring.
  5. Provide events for staff to support their understanding of the importance of EDI data capture, enabling them to ask for information sensitively.
  6. Introduce an EDI Champion initiative across NOCN and One Awards to support the programme.
  7. Monitor customer feedback and take timely action to influence the learner experience within our recognised centres.
  8. Produce an annual Equality Information Report with evidence on what we’ve achieved and an analysis of our data to identify how we can improve the experience of learners and staff in the future.

EDI Reports 

NOCN collects and measures data for its products and services to show how it is performing against its objectives for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. See our most recent report in the download below.