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Team & Trustees

NOCN’s people are our number one asset. Meet our specialist and committed team and expert industry leading board of trustees

NOCN’s Delivery Team

NOCN’s ongoing recruitment and retention drive brings us high calibre team members who share NOCN’s ideals and ambitions. We provide training and development programmes that enable them to deliver best performance. A longstanding driving force in equality, diversity and inclusion, NOCN has always exceeded legislative demands and knocked down career barriers for everyone. We have demonstrated how exemplary practice in this field is not just the right and fair way to operate, but the best route for securing top talent across the organisation that is defined solely by its skills, attitudes and behaviours.

NOCN’s Board of Trustees

Like every other charity, our board of trustees governs NOCN and supports the management team to run the organisation according to its vision and values. Drawing on a vast bank of experience and skills, its members have ultimate control and make sure that we achieve our aims and objectives, act within the law and manage our resources properly. It is the trustees who make the vital decisions that advance personal outcomes and boost the national economy.

Meet our team to get a flavour of the breadth and depth of our expertise, drive and ambition – and the different people who contribute to our successes.