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Empowering the Hydrogen Workforce

The United Kingdom's ambitious target to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 has paved the way for hydrogen to emerge as a key player in the nation's decarbonisation journey.

As the demand for skilled professionals in the hydrogen sector skyrockets, addressing the talent shortage and skills bottleneck becomes imperative. Recognising this challenge, NOCN has taken a proactive stance, particularly through its recently introduced qualification – the NOCN Level 3 Certificate in Hydrogen.

The UK Hydrogen Landscape: A Transformative Era

The UK government's commitment to hydrogen is underscored by its updated 2021 Hydrogen Strategy, emphasising the pivotal role of hydrogen in ensuring energy security and meeting net-zero targets by 2050. Projections indicate that hydrogen could contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions, with the hydrogen sector estimated to be worth £900 million and supporting 12,000 jobs by 2030. By 2050, in a high-hydrogen scenario, the sector could burgeon into a £13 billion industry, providing employment for up to 100,000 individuals.

The Skills Challenge: Bridging the Gap

While the potential for job creation in the hydrogen sector is substantial, the shortage of skilled workers poses a significant challenge. Industry experts estimate that there are currently only 1,000 to 2,000 individuals in the UK with specific hydrogen-related skills. Many of these professionals are already engaged in sectors such as power, water, nuclear, and gas.

NOCN's Approach to Green Skills

NOCN, a market-leading awarding organisation with a rich history of providing qualifications, has embraced the call for green skills by introducing the Level 3 Certificate in Hydrogen. This qualification aims to prepare learners aged 16 and above for careers in the hydrogen sector or further education in related fields and it covers a range of topics, including hydrogen production, storage, distribution, energy conversion, fuel cells, and safety.

Looking Ahead: Collaboration and Global Impact

As NOCN continues to engage with industries and contribute to addressing the skills challenges in the market, it recognises that the hydrogen sector's potential goes beyond any single organisation. The qualification is positioned not only to benefit individual learners but also to positively impact the planet by supporting the transition to a hydrogen-based economy.

NOCN's Role in Shaping the Hydrogen Workforce

NOCN's commitment to green skills is exemplified through its strategic response to the growing demand for hydrogen expertise. By introducing the NOCN Level 3 Certificate in Hydrogen, the organisation is playing a pivotal role in building a skilled workforce that will drive the UK's hydrogen transformation.

As industries navigate the challenges of talent acquisition, NOCN stands as a key ally, working in collaboration with organisations to shape the future of the hydrogen workforce and contribute to a sustainable, low-carbon future.


Are you ready to boost your green skills offerings?

Are you looking to boost your offerings and prepare your learners for the hydrogen revolution? The NOCN Level 3 Certificate in Hydrogen is here to add a spark to your curriculum. Arrange a meeting with our business development team, don't miss out on this opportunity to shapre the future workforce.




Miranda Chambers - Senior Product Developer 

Miranda is a Senior Product Developer in the Engineering and Green sector of the NOCN Group. Miranda has an extensive background in cryogenics and engineering, education, where she excelled as a technology and engineering teacher. Miranda's role at NOCN entails the strategic development of qualifications, support materials, and assessments, catering to both qualifications and end point assessments for apprenticeships.