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Enhancing Young Lives in Doncaster

There are many excellent NOCN Centres across the country working with young people who are not in education, training or employment (NEET).

These organisations train their learners for work in a range of sectors including horticulture, construction and catering – areas where someone can learn practical skills, gain a vocational qualification and progress towards a meaningful and rewarding career. NOCN provides a range of qualifications to help each person’s progression, including Maths and English Functional Skills, employability skills, vocational qualifications, traineeships and apprenticeships.

One such Centre is Enhancement Training in Doncaster, set-up to help local NEETS overcome their barriers to education and employment. It works with lots of young people every year to provide construction and car mechanic training and they exclusively use NOCN qualifications throughout. We spoke to Enhancement Director Natalie Perry about her learners and she had the following to say:

“All our young people have overcome barriers to education in mainstream schools, they missed out on formal educations and so achieving their NOCN qualification is a big achievement. Many did their Functional skills with us alongside their vocational training and after their courses we expect them to go on to further training with local colleges or training providers.”

The organisation recently held a graduation ceremony to celebrate and recognise the achievements of each and every learner and it was attended by friends,families and schools or agencies who were proud to see them as they were presented with their certificates. Natalie explains:

"We had 86 learners at the event who were presented with 157 NOCN certificates overall, from Entry 3 to Level 1. Some of these people have been with us for over three years, others for just six months."

Natalie is a very hands-on leader who has worked with young people for many years. She is a strong advocate for the learners, getting to know each personally. Many of them have 'up and down' days and the eleven-strong staff team are all there to support them. Although the young people struggle sometimes with focus or discipline, they are always respectful to staff and enjoy attending their course, certainly preferring it to school and appreciating the respect they receive in return for their commitment and hard work. Natalie finished by saying:

“I am very proud of them all for their achievements this year, we all wish them well for their future studies and good luck for the future.”