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International Day of Charity: Skills with purpose from NOCN Group

At NOCN Group, we are proud of our roots as a progressive educational charity.

Our charitable not for profit status gives us a huge amount of freedom when it comes to innovation in education and skills because of our social as well as commercial objectives. Productivity and social mobility are at the heart of our social purpose but where it stems from is simply an underlying belief that everyone deserves access to exciting learning opportunities, and this still runs throughout everything we do.

Today (5 September 2019) is International Day of Charity and, since we are doing more and more work internationally with initiatives like WorldSkills and our NOCN teams in India, Greece, Bangladesh, the Middle East and the US, it seemed more apt than ever that we celebrate the charitable element of our organisation. While we have the UK’s economy and society in mind, we don’t confine our pioneering work to UK domestic markets, but are an outward looking, international organisation dedicated to promoting skills, improving lives and boosting economies around the globe. We support local commercial development in worldwide marketplaces and invest in leading enterprises, SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups alike. This global perspective enriches our knowledge and expertise through shared learning and collaboration. It brings the best of all learning cultures together.

In such turbulent political and economic times, taking an international perspective and widening participation in education and training, especially with those who have previously been excluded from educational opportunities, is arguably more important than ever.

But it’s important to remember that charitable objectives and a social focus can and should go hand in hand with commercial and economic goals. While helping learners to reach their potential, we help organisations to thrive. Artificial intelligence and automation are replacing jobs but this presents an opportunity to maximise human efforts and skills for competitive advantage. Employers that take a long term view to their people and learning strategies will be the ones who profit most, weathering potential storms and making themselves sustainable and ‘future fit’.

In our work as an Awarding Organisation which delivers learning and skills development products and services, it can be easy to lose sight of our wider social purpose and it is important that we remind ourselves and those we work with of it as often as possible. Only by remaining focused on creating opportunities for all we will have the impact we should.

Happy International Day of Charity to all the other charitable organisations working independently and collaboratively across the globe. Together, we can make the world a better place.