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Urban Farm Pops up in Brixton

NOCN Centre 'Urban Growth Learning Gardens' has just opened a new community garden in the heart of Brixton called Pop Farm.

The purpose of the project is to make gardening more accessible to local people, educating, informing and sharing food growing knowledge in the community, by creating a beautiful, planted and productive garden where local people can participate in a range of free gardening activities.

Urban Growth's Managing Director Bruno Lacey founded the organisation to demonstrate innovative models of education which support people into rewarding, ethical work that is accessible to all. He had the following to say about the launch of Pop Farm:

"We are primarily here to give people the opportunity to grow their own food and flowers. The project is aimed at those who don’t have access to outdoor spaces and who may be vulnerable or disadvantaged and in need of support to improve their confidence. This includes one-to-one training using NOCN horticulture qualifications to improve their skills for work. At weekends we run open access sessions for families who want a green experience and for the next part of the project we’ll install beehives on the roof!"
On working with NOCN:

"I used to be a teacher but I left that because I felt the rigid school curriculum did not teach people the skills they need to get into work. NOCN qualifications meet this need and are flexible enough for us to develop a curriculum for our learners in different settings. This flexibility is important for those of our learners who don't do well with reading and writing or in exams. The other important factor is the support we've received from NOCN staff, which has been instrumental in our success so far."

NOCN Account Manager for London, Ajay Purbhoosing said:

"Urban Growth is very passionate and it wants to help people in the local community, especially those who are unemployed or vulnerable, to gain experience and skills for employment and to improve their wellbeing. They are an inspiration to work with."
To find out more visit their website: