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Why BACH’s ‘Transforming Construction Training’ drive is something all colleges must know about

By BACH president and NOCN managing director, Graham Hasting-Evans

This year’s British Association of Construction Heads national annual conference, 15th – 17th March, Double Tree Hilton, Lincoln, is one of twofold personal significance for me.

As one of the UK’s biggest construction sector awarding and assessment organisations, NOCN is a firm supporter of BACH and its theme for 2020’s two-day event, ‘Transforming Construction Training’, which is why we are very proud to sponsor the event. And as BACH’s current president, it will be an honour for me to introduce the conference and help run several sessions.

Like NOCN, the Association is a not for profit organisation that enables and empowers construction heads within Further and Higher Education to achieve the very best outcomes for their students and colleges. In its 30-year history, BACH has gained huge respect and now enjoys an impeccable reputation for delivering excellent CPD and networking opportunities with conference content driven by its members, for its members.

Indeed, the membership now manages the majority of all learners in the UK construction curriculum. This makes the Association and its events indispensable resources for any FE and HE head of construction who wants to understand and stay abreast of changes in training practice.

And, currently, there are seismic changes to navigate, if UK construction is to stay relevant and competitive in an increasingly pressured, fast-moving international market.

BACH is concerned that, as trainers to the sector, we must be ready and able to support it as radical upheavals take place in the way our built assets and infrastructure are developed, designed and constructed, as well as the materials employed. They include drones, CAD, off-site manufacturing and BIM virtual reality.

To do so, we should make it our business to understand all the innovations in techniques and resources. This will allow us to prepare apprentices and other learners to meet the future with confidence, securing fulfilling, sustainable careers that will enrich and carry UK construction through the next three or four decades.

Training for the sector of the 21st century needs to be transformed and, with that in mind, the BACH conference 2020 will be looking at ways to invest in our tutors, learning aids and equipment, so that the talent of tomorrow is prepared for the challenges of the 2020s, ‘30s and ‘40s.

BACH is greatly encouraged that NOCN and a number of partner organisations have joined forces to create and fund the Independent Commission on the College of the Future. This will consider what a college in upcoming decades will look like and how we get there.
The Commission is formulating recommendations for governments, academic providers, employers and others on what they must do to ensure that HE colleges are able to effectively shoulder their crucial role in the years ahead.

The bold initiative is evidence of the increasingly collaborative approach that trainers, other stakeholder agencies and business have realised is now crucial. If UK Construction is going to survive, thrive and lead the international market, we must pull together to get things done in ‘the age of change and uncertainty’, rather than pull in different directions - away from one another.

You can find out more and book your place here.