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Why Cskills Awards is Bigger, Better, Bolder in Partnership with NOCN

When Cskills Awards joined NOCN, on 1st August this year, both organisations were significantly strengthened and with the alliance creating one of the UK’s largest construction sector awarding organisations, it is bringing huge benefits to the industry, too.

Cskills Awards is a market leading Construction Awarding Organisation, providing a wide range of qualifications and skills to help the industry meet national demand. With an enviable reputation for quality and reliability, it supports hundreds of centres nationwide as they train people in everything from securing their CSCS Card to becoming specialists in their chosen field.

FE colleges, training providers and employers alike have all quickly benefited from NOCN-Cskills Awards enhanced range of qualifications, apprenticeships and apprentice End Point Assessments as we work in partnership towards a better future for British construction skills. Together, we now offer a complete learner package to encourage and enable the sector’s growth, improved productivity and greater competitive advantage.

Cskills Awards will continue to operate under its own name as the NOCN brand for construction qualifications and will retain its current systems, processes and policies, giving consistency to centres, employers and learners alike. While both organisations have an insatiable appetite to innovate and improve, they agree that most people and organisations dislike rapid, seismic cultural shifts - making unsettling disruption highly counterproductive.

And that sense of continuity and like-mindedness were vital factors for Cskills Awards when considering whether joining us would offer the best deal for construction. During the acquisition process, they were impressed with NOCN’s shared commitment to and familiarity with the industry and saw how the wider portfolio of products created by a combined operation would benefit all stakeholders. A common ethical alignment – with great focuses on diversity, inclusion and social mobility – and the protection of all jobs at the Cskills’ Norfolk headquarters swung the decision.

The new alliance has inspired everyone at Cskills Awards and NOCN - and we are determined that it will add value to everyone we serve. Together, we will enable and empower, deliver fresh ideas and resources and make every pound spent on the apprenticeship project by government and employers alike a sound investment in the future.

Find more information about NOCN and Cskills Awards stronger offer for construction visit

Get in touch today to find out how NOCN-Cskills can support your college or business with a wider range of products. Cskills Awards customers can continue to speak to their favourite Cskills contact as usual – on 0300 999 1177