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NOCN_Cskills Awards Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Work Supervision (Construction)

Ref : B19-13

Type : Amendment

Date : 14 February 2019

Following feedback via the Standards Setting Body(CITB) from occupational representatives and stakeholders, the Standards Setting Body has updated the statement for entry requirements for Occupational Work Supervision has been revised, please download the revised NVQ structure.

Occupational representatives of the construction industry demand that qualifications derived from this RQS must be endorsed with the Occupational area in which the candidate is being assessed. Please see the corresponding document at Suites of National Occupational Standards – Occupational work supervision - CITB or on the NOCN website - downloads section of the qualification.

Awarding Organisations must ensure that candidates provide evidence to demonstrate relevant verifiable experience and competence in their occupational area (for example qualification to NVQ Level 2 or SCQF Level 6 or professional discussion or portfolio evidence of previous experience or witness testimonials or Curriculum vitae) prior to being registered for the Occupational Work Supervision qualification.

The above evidence will be subject for review by the usual monitoring processes we have in place at NOCN.


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NOCN_Cskills Awards Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Work Supervision (Construction) 5.2 Building and Construction Level 3 603/3658/4