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Functional Skills Update - June 2019

Ref : B19-34

Type : Withdrawal

Date : 27 June 2019

Welcome to NOCN update on the reform of Functional Skills English and mathematics; which continues on from the communication posted in May 2019. These updates are to inform you about the timeline for the withdrawal of the current suite of Functional Skills qualifications.

The main purpose of this update is to give NOCN reconfirmation to all centres reiterating the timeline for FSQ withdrawal planned dates (originally communicated in December 2018).

31 August 2019: This is the last date for registrations against the legacy (current) suite of qualifications; encompassing all levels from Entry Level 1 to Level 2. This date has been agreed with Ofqual to ensure a suitable transition period takes place and aims to ensure that learners are not disadvantaged by the implementation of the new suite of qualifications.

30 April 2020: The last date for assessments of the legacy (current) suite of qualifications. This date allows learners eight months to complete their qualification including resits (as the final date a learner could be registered is 31st August 2019).

30 June 2020: This is the date for the final submission of assessments for moderation.

31 July 2020: The certification end date is 31st July 2020. This date allows NOCN a minimum of three months to process assessments and to address any appeals.

***The next Functional Skills update will take place in August 2019***