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Withdrawal of NOCN Construction Qualifications - LEVEL 2

Ref : B21-3

Type : Withdrawal

Date : 21 January 2021

Which qualifications are being withdrawn?

The following Level 2 qualifications in sector 5.2 Building and Construction are being withdrawn as from 31 July 2021:

Please see list in the attached link below:

WITHDRAWAL of Existing Training & NVQ Qualifications And Replacement Qualifications – Level 2

How could the withdrawal affect learners?

No learners will be disadvantaged due to a 6 month notice period being given.

What is the last date for registrations?

The last date for registrations for all qualifications listed will be 31 July 2021.

Will the existing qualifications be extended beyond the operational end date for registrations?

NO, NOCN will not be extending the operational end date for the withdrawn qualifications after 31 July 2021.

What is the last date for certifications?

The last date for certifications for all withdrawn qualifications will be 31 July 2024.

Are there replacement qualifications?

Yes and No, please see the attached link to the document above, showing where applicable the replacement qualifications.