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EDExams - Functional Skills assessments

EDExams is provided by EdLounge.

It is a secure online examinations and assessment platform used for NOCN Functional Skills. Everything can be remotely downloaded onto a platform locally so that each learner has a unique log-in and PIN that is precise for a certain computer within a certain time frame. Once the time is over or the exam is finished or quit then the exam will remain encrypted until it is loaded back to the main server. The exam is uploaded back to the server so that the exams can be sent through to the marker and for administration.

  • A secure and reliable Application based system.
  • Desktop/laptop compatible.
  • Effortless centre creation and candidate upload.
  • A sophisticated exam paper management system.
  • An exam paper creation suite that provides a smooth passage through the initial design stages, whilst allowing for a quick live exam paper turnaround.
  • There are innovative exam paper question types available
  • Exam paper previewer – allowing you to see the exam paper as a candidate would see it.
  • Multiple user account management for admin users, exam marker users, and candidates.
  • Email alerts for completed and outstanding exams.
  • Easy marker management.
  • Proven to reduce paperwork and marking turnaround.
  • The system can be accessed anywhere.
  • Graph Creator – changing the way that maths exams are done online.

Learn more about NOCN online Functional Skills assessments – click here.