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Skillsfile - e-portfolio

Skillsfile is an e-portfolio designed to collect evidence towards assessment for qualifications, for Learners, Apprentices, Assessors and Internal Verifiers. Originally created for Cskills Awards, now NOCN has adopted the system.

The system provides the ability to manage learners from Centre induction through to qualification certification.


  • Internal Verification - automatic formative internal verification allows Centres to set unique sampling rates for all Assessors, creating systematic workflow verification tasks for Internal Verifiers.
  • Qualification information built-in - all learning outcomes and assessment criteria are viewable for each qualification for easy referencing.
  • Reduced storage - information is stored online so Skillsfile removes the need to keep paper portfolios and associated portfolio transportation logistics and costs. Reducing the volume of paper is also kinder to the environment.
  • Management Information - instant Management Information (MI) is available at the touch of a button to help review learner progress, staff workloads and results.
  • Increased portfolio availability - with portfolios accessible online, Centres can simultaneously access learners' portfolios and reduce the amount of time lost while portfolios are sent between staff.
  • Online library - useful information from documents or websites can be stored in individual online libraries
  • Messages - instant messaging between Skillsfile users provides immediate feedback for assessment and verification.
  • News - a communication tool for your use with all your staff and learners.

To access Skillsfile, click here:

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