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Results and Post Results Services

Guidance for centres and learners on the issuing of results through alternative arrangements in 2020/1 and information on the post-results services available.

Please note the guidance on this page was for learners expected to complete assessments prior to 31st August 2021. For information regarding NOCN's approach to awarding from 1st September 2021, please click here.


How will results through alternative arrangements be issued?

For learners who are completing their qualifications through adaptations, centres must continue to claim for learner certification in line with the NOCN Registration and Certification Policy and Procedure. NOCN will issue any due certificates in line with its standard timescales.

For learners being awarded a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG), centres must consider whether they are required to have results in line with the national result days as there are seperate timescales which must be met to guarantee results before these dates. The national result days for 2021 are:

  • Tuesday 10th August for Level 3 and above qualifications.
  • Thursday 12th August for Level 2 and below qualifications.

My Centre does need results for the national result days (including Category B1 Qualifications):

Where centres require results in line with the national result days (this includes Category B1 qualifications), centres must have submitted a NOCN TAG Expression of Interest form to NOCN by Friday 16th July

The NOCN Teacher Assessed Grade Log (which is provided to centres following a review of their TAG Expression of Interest Form if TAGs are deemend in scope) must be submitted before Friday 23rd July.

NOCN intends to release all results to centres on or before Friday 6th August where these deadlines are met and the Centre has confirmed they do require results in line with the national result days. 

My Centre does not need results for the national result days:

Where this is the case, centres will have until Tuesday 17th August to submit the NOCN TAG Expression of Interest form to NOCN.

The NOCN Teacher Assessed Grade Log (which is provided to centres following a review of their TAG Expression of Interest Form if TAGs are deemend in scope) must be submitted before Tuesday 31st August

The release of results will be in line with NOCN's standard timescales following the completion of the required external quality assurance activities. 

In what format will results be released?

Results claimed through adaptations will be claimed by centres as standard. Centres will be able to continue exporting the required results data from Quartzweb as required.

For results issued through a Teacher Assessed Grade, NOCN will claim and issue any due certificate(s) on behalf of the Centre. The results will be displayed in the same way as results achieved as standard or through adaptations and therefore the same reporting functionality will be available for centres as normal.

I have not recieved a result set I was expecting, what should I do?

NOCN are releasing results to centres once quality assurance activities have been completed and are not holding results back until the national result days. All centres who have expressed an interest in the Teacher Assessed Grade process have been contacted directly by either the Quality Assurance Team or an External Quality Assurer.

If you believe your Centre is not currently in contact with NOCN regarding your Teacher Assessed Grades, please contact us as soon as possible at 

Can centres/learners appeal their result?

Centres must ensure that they amend their appeals process to allow a learner to submit an appeal regarding their Teacher Assessed Grade. Learners must continue to be made aware of their rights to appeal and continue to exhaust the Centre’s own appeals procedures first, before submitting their appeal to NOCN.

Learners are able to appeal to NOCN, through their Centre, following the conclusion of a review of their appeal by their registered Centre, where they believe any of the following:

  • The Centre did not follow its procedure properly and consistently in arriving at the learner’s result (including any failure of quality assurance) or in conducting its review of the learner’s evidence.
  • The result reflects an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement on part of the Centre.
  • NOCN has made an administrative error in relation to the result.

Centres must submit an appeal on behalf of their learner. To submit an appeal, the Centre must send the learner’s case for their appeal to The Centre must include evidence to demonstrate the learner has provided the consent for their appeal.

NOCN will review the learner’s appeal in line with Stage 1 of its appeals policy. Further information can be found within the NOCN Appeals Policy and Procedure will apply.

What are the timescales for appeals?

To submit an appeal at Stage 1, the appellant must complete and submit one of the forms below (dependent if they are a Centre or a learner) within 20 working days of the examination result being issued to the Centre:

The completed form must be submitted to (or Delivery Partner equivalent). Section 4 of the NOCN Appeals Policy and Procedure will apply.

Are NOCN offering resits for Teacher Assessed Grades?

NOCN are only issuing unit-level Teacher Assessed Grades and all units which are eligible for a TAG are Pass/Fail. Therefore, centres and learners do not need to consider the use of resits for learners who have had a Teacher Assessed Grade submitted to NOCN.

Centres should also note that learners who have sat an assessment and failed are not automatically eligible for a Teacher Assessed Grade and the first option to consider is re-entering the learner for an assessment as soon as they are deemed assessment ready.

For learners who have completed a usual externally-set assessment and who did not achieve a Pass result, centres can continue to enter learners for resits at their assessment using the existing NOCN procedures. The usual associated costs will apply as standard.