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We do not confine our pioneering work to UK domestic markets, but are an outward looking, international organisation dedicated to promoting skills, improving lives and boosting economies around the globe.

We offer a wide range of education, training and skills products and services internationally to support diverse, skilled, and accredited workforces. We work closely with colleges, training providers, universities, employers, governments, and NGOs worldwide, to support individuals with their knowledge, skills and competency are certified and will support them in developing their careers in the UK or internationally.

We do this by fair assessments and examinations, open to all, that provide evidence of skills and competency through certificated regulated qualifications, apprenticeship assessments, endorsed programmes, assured programmes, digital records and SMART skills cards.

NOCN understand the needs of employers and the economy and work to give organisations what they need in an increasingly changing world.

Why choose NOCN Group?

Training Centres:
Through responsive and efficient support, we help you to give your learners, students, and apprentices the confidence that they have the skills and competency to support them into employment, or further studies to develop their careers in the UK or internationally.

Our efficient, responsive and employer focused support gives you the accredited assurance that your employees have the skills and competency to contribute to your business’ future success; and that they can be up skilled to match the ever-changing demands of both the UK and international markets.

We help people to demonstrate that you have the skills and competencies needed to gain employment and develop your career; as well as further your personal development.

Government and Educational/Skills Organisations (Consultancy Clients):
Governments across the world are wanting to increase the vocational and technical skills of their populations in order to grow and develop their economies in order to bring prosperity to their people. To achieve this, they are reforming and developing their policies, programmes and eco-system for vocational and technical skills training, apprenticeships, and development. We help Governments and educational organisations through research and consultancy reviews, as well as designing and implement specific skilling and apprenticeship programmes. These programmes are supported by capacity building training programmes for tutors, assessors, and employer mentors.