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We do not confine our pioneering work to UK domestic markets, but are an outward looking, international organisation dedicated to promoting skills, improving lives and boosting economies around the globe.

This includes our strategic partnership with WorldSkills UK  working together to share global skills insights with businesses, education bodies and governments across the world.

Working closely with governments, government departments and NGOs worldwide, NOCN supports local commercial development and invests in leading enterprises, SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs/start-ups alike in:


NOCN provides ESOL International English assessment and testing in Greece, helping hundreds of ambitious and talented people improve their skills in English, essential for many careers as the language of business and hospitality.

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NOCN worked with IoP on a UN and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) sponsored project to create safe food supply chains in Bangladesh. IoP developed the programme with NOCN awarding the qualification.

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NOCN visited the United States (US) at the end of 2017 to meet and share UK expertise with US counterparts involved in the American Apprenticeship Initiative.

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In the Middle-East and Gulf NOCN launched the Level 3 and 5 Productivity Improvement Practice suite of qualifications with partner Jafcon, in a wide range of sectors.

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NOCN and the Institute of Productivity and Business Innovation Management IPBIM in Nigeria, offer the NOCN Level 4 Diploma in Productivity Management for professional managers.

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NOCN offers a range of educational consultancy services to support businesses and organisations.

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WorldSkills UK Productivity Lab

WorldSkills UK champions world-class apprenticeships and technical skills through Skills Competitions, WorldSkills UK LIVE and skills role models.

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