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NOCN and the Institute of Productivity and Business Innovation Management IPBIM in Nigeria, offer the NOCN Level 4 Diploma in Productivity Management for professional managers.

NOCN works with the Institute of Productivity and Business Innovation management (IPBIM) to support African innovation and skills development with the aim for African managers and professionals to have skills that are recognised at global standards of excellence to effectively compete in the international market.

This program is divided into two Level 4 professional programmes:

  • The Innovation and Productivity Management Program
  • The Performance Management and Sustainable Productivity Program

Participants can take the course online, as blended learning or outright classroom learning, depending on the choice of the student and availability of the program session taking place.

For the Award of a Level 4 Diploma in The Management of Productivity, participants must obtain a minimum of 38 credits and for a Level 4 Certificate they will achieve 14 credits. Delegates will receive a recognised NOCN Award for each module taken.

For further details on the course and IPBIM, visit: