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NOCN visited the United States (US) at the end of 2017 to meet and share UK expertise with US counterparts involved in the American Apprenticeship Initiative.

With the key primary objective to enable America to achieve its goal of securing 5 million additional apprentices over the next five years, it has been identified that the structure of the UK’s reformed apprenticeship model lends scope to be adapted to suit their ecosystem for successful implementation.

Currently training just 0.2% of the US workforce as apprentices with an achievement rate of 40%; in contrast to the UK, where it is close to 3% of the workforce with a success rate of 80-85%. Upon reflection of this, the National Governors Association and the Department of Labor are very keen to understand how we in the UK have managed to engage effectively with employers and increase the volume of starts.

Across America, the apprenticeship programme is anything but uniform and each of the 50 US states are very different in their offer and approach to apprenticeships. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ national strategy like the UK’s national skills strategy so to engage with the burgeoning US skills market, a focus will need to be put on individual states as opposed to engagement at the federal level. Through collaboration with TAEF and ongoing engagement with US partners, the USA does present new ‘land of apprenticeship opportunities’ for UK training providers to diversify its offer

As a leading awarding and the number one approved endpoint assessment organisation, NOCN will continue to explore and take a considered approach in terms of new effective collaboration with a new US market partner and continued support of TAEF.