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Working with our partner Global Awards and Panhellenic Federation of Language Schools Owners (PALSO), NOCN successfully runs ESOL International examinations in a wide range of locations in Greece, the Greek Islands and Cyprus.


NOCN provides ESOL International English assessment and testing in Greece, helping hundreds of ambitious, talented people improve their skills in, the dominant language for business and hospitality that is essential to so many careers. We also work with Greek technology developers on a range of online solutions and services for both local and international skills delivery and testing. Find out more



Helping ambitious and talented people in Italy improve their skills in English.

NOCN is planning to provide its ESOL International English qualifications through assessment and testing in Italy initially in Naples; working in partnership with a local training provider, Adaform Inglese. With the aim to help ambitious and talented people improve their skills in English, as it becomes the lingua franca for commerce and trade and essential employability component for those seeking careers in business and hospitality.