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In the Middle-East and Gulf NOCN launched the Level 3 and 5 Productivity Improvement Practice suite of qualifications with partner Jafcon, in a wide range of sectors.

These sectors include: aviation, banking and financial services, construction, education, logistics, manufacturing, Oil and Gas, and the public sector.

This suite of qualifications includes an award, certificate and diploma and is designed for managers, practitioners, supervisors, aspiring future managers and students in their final year. The qualifications enable students to progress, gain knowledge and improve productivity at the team, department and strategic levels; driving business success and expansion. There is significant potential return on investment from cost savings and productivity gains through this training; for example, Bahrain Petroleum Company saved $4 Million through this programme.

“As part of the Productivity Improvement Program, our employees identified a number of projects and improvement opportunities. I wish to recommend this Program that we have certainly benefited from.”

Dubai World, Dubai

“The program has resulted in identified savings of $5.08 Million and furnished detailed data on productivity levels of all resources in every department and section.”

Banagas, Bahrain