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NOCN Group International Centre Fees and Pricing

Fees for centres outside the UK, (excluding the GCC region). Charged in GBP.

NOCN International Centre Fees

Fees for New Centres seeking NOCN Approval to offer NOCN Regulated Qualifications and Accredited Programmes

NOCN New Centre Application Fee £650 (one off)

NOCN Annual Administration Fee for NOCN International Training Centres £1,200 (Annual Fee)

How the fees will be invoiced

  • Centres will be invoiced £300 Application Fee at the point of application.
  • On Approval new centres will be charged the Approval fee £350 and the Annual Fee (£1,200) together in one payment of £1,550 for the first year,
  • In the second year the Centre will be charged and Annual Administration Fee of £1,200 each year on the anniversary of their approval.

Fees for Additional Qualification Approval in the region

Fee for application to offer additional regulated qualifications £270 for 6 additional qualifications.

Regulated Registration and Certification Fees in the region

Student registration and certification fees (combined fee) varies depending on the level and size of the qualification all prices are listed for qualification on the NOCN Group website, or are available on

Centres seeking to offer NOCN Accredited Programmes

Accredited Programme Review Fees (Standard Rates, one off fee):

  • Award size programmes £350
  • Certificate size Programmes £500
  • Diploma size Programmes £750

Programmes reviews and qualification development are completed by NOCN, therefore NOCN do not pay commission on Qualification Reviews, benchmarking, and consultancy.

Accredited Programme Registration and Certification Fees

Printed certificates produced in the UK will be charged at £35 per learner (plus postage) and /or £25 for digital certificates.