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Endorsed Programmes

NOCN Group as an Assessment and Awarding Organisation provides endorsement for training programmes and courses for Employers, Training Providers, and other organisations.

We help international employers and industrial partnerships to invest in narrowing their ‘skills gap’. Our endorsed programmes help employers and their employees become more productive and efficient - hence increasing profitability as well as achieving sustainable growth.

Endorsed Training Programme

The endorsement is confirmation that the programme of learning you offer has undergone a robust quality assurance process which will enable your programme to receive an endorsement from a leading awarding organisation.

Endorsed Employer Programme

The Endorsed Employer Programme is for medium to large employers that have an in-house training programme which they wish to have endorsed. This is similar to the Endorsed Training Programme, but it will be clearly branded as an employer programme.


  1. Training Provider shares with NOCN Course contents/coverage/learning process and assessment methods and criteria.
  2. NOCN will review and check the course content, delivery, and assessment methods in its approval process for International Endorsed Programmes in accordance with NOCN’s guidelines.
  3. If the programme NOCN once satisfied would recognize the Training Provider as Endorsed Program Centre.
  4. Training Provider markets and delivers the course and assess students.
  5. Once a student is found eligible for award of certificate by the Training Providers, their details are forwarded to NOCN.
  6. Learner details of successful learners are entered into NOCN Quartzweb portal by the staff of Training Provider.
  7. NOCN examines the process followed for each learner and agrees on candidates to be certified.
  8. NOCN raises invoice for payment as per agreement.
  9. Training Provider makes digital payment into NOCN bank account.
  10. NOCN prepares an e-certificate carrying logo of both NOCN and Training Provider for each candidate.
  11. Training Provider prints hard copy of certificate.