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Endorsed Programmes

Our Endorsed Programmes ensure that organisations demonstrate high quality and continuous improvement and that their courses benefit those who participate.

NOCN offers over 650 vocational and technical qualifications spanning from level 1 to level 7, covering various subject areas. These qualifications are designed to cater to the needs of individuals seeking to upskill and enhance their workforce capabilities in the UK. NOCN recognises that the fast-paced skills demands of the industry and diverse global regions may require qualifications beyond the scope of their UK-regulated offerings.

As part of this process, our qualification experts will review the subject matter, structure and level of the training, and the assessment approach planned. After consultation and changes where needed, the Endorsed Programme is added to the NOCN Qualification Database. Then training centres can register students against this programme, and on completion of their studies, training centres can claim certificates from NOCN which carry the logo of NOCN and the Accreditation partner.

Quality assurance of the NOCN International Endorsed Programmes is managed similarly to other regulated qualifications. Centres are reviewed before being approved to deliver the programmes, and then receive ongoing quality reviews and support from NOCN Quality Advisors to ensure quality is maintained and delivery and assessment are standardised across all learners and centres.

In the review process, NOCN Group can assign equivalent levels and credit values to accredited training programmes where the programme level is appropriate. In many cases, higher education organisations will recognise these values, allowing progression to study further.

Endorsed Training Programme

The endorsement is confirmation that the programme of learning you offer has undergone a robust quality assurance process which will enable your programme to receive an endorsement from a leading awarding organisation.

Endorsed Employer Programme

The Endorsed Employer Programme is for medium to large employers that have an in-house training programme which they wish to have endorsed. This is similar to the Endorsed Training Programme, but it will be clearly branded as an employer programme.

Why NOCN International Endorsed Programmes (IEPs)?

  • NOCN IEPs remain owned by the training provider or business and are Endorsed by NOCN Group. This protects your Intellectual Property. 
  • NOCN IEPs can be designed to meet the specific needs of a region or a business and can even be tailored to specific manufacturing or software processes to support the industry. 
  • IEPs are structured and managed to the same quality standards and processes as regulated qualifications to maintain the validity and credibility of the training. 
  • IEPs offer a great platform for innovation and new developments as they can be quickly updated to adapt to changing requirements. Unlike regulated qualifications, which are more fixed.
  • NOCN manages your learner data and issues unique, secure certificates with the NOCN logo and your own organisation's logo. Where required, IEPs can be mapped to UK Education Levels and mapped into RQF qualifications and Higher Education, providing they are written to the correct level and standards of the Ofqual Level Descriptors. (Condition E9 Qualification and Component Levels).  


  1. Training Provider shares with NOCN Course contents/coverage/learning process, assessment methods, and criteria.
  2. NOCN will review and check the course content, delivery, and assessment methods in its approval process for International Endorsed Programmes in accordance with NOCN’s guidelines.
  3. Once satisfied, the programme NOCN would recognize the Training Provider as Endorsed Program Centre.
  4. Training Provider markets and delivers the course and assess students.
  5. Once a student is found eligible for the award of certificate by the Training Providers, their details are forwarded to NOCN.
  6. Learner details of successful learners are entered into NOCN Quartzweb portal by the staff of the Training Provider.
  7. NOCN examines the process followed for each learner and agrees on candidates to be certified.
  8. NOCN raises the invoice for payment as per agreement.
  9. Training Provider makes digital payment into NOCN bank account.
  10. NOCN prepares an e-certificate carrying the logo of both NOCN and the Training Provider for each candidate.
  11. Training Provider prints a hard copy of certificate.

NOCN Group Training Centres Using International Endorsed Programmes in Southeast Asia 

University of Applied Research and Development – Indonesia and New Zealand 

UARD was NOCN first approved centre in the region, based in Jakarta, Indonesia and New Zealand, and operating in over 5 different countries including Malaysia, Nepal, Kazakhstan and India. UARD offer NOCN Group-endorsed programmes from level 4 – 7 in various sectors.  

Lestari Professional Consultancy – Eastern Malaysia 

Lestari offers a range of NOCN endorsed programmes designed to meet the challenges of the Industry 4.0 initiative to upskill the workforce and prepare graduates for work. 

Sabah Skills and Technology Centre (SSTC) – Eastern Malaysia 

The Sabah Skills & Technology Centre (SSTC) is Sabah’s very own skills development centre, resulting in close cooperation between the Sabah Government and the industry.  SSTC offer a range of Employability programmes endorsed by NOCN and are supported by the ILO in Malaysia. 

Tooople – Singapore 

TOOOPLE Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based for-profit IT organization that aims to bridge the acute gap between formal education and the industry by supporting organizations in their efforts to groom skilful IT professionals through a virtual platform. NOCN endorse Tooople’s training and mentoring programmes. 

Wild Geese Group Offshore Academy

Wild Geese Group  lead the way in the digitalisation of all their accredited training programs and has identified a missing link to how they offer clients “the next level” of qualification. They now accept elevated levels of Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) from the oil and gas industry sector workers and then develop and deliver the gap programs and then award accordingly.