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NOCN International Skills Card

NOCN International Skills Card allows qualifications to be recorded on a photo ID style card which links to our learner database. This allows the card to be used to quickly and easily identify learners, and workers, and verify their qualifications.

NOCN have operated Skills Card schemes in the UK for many years to manage the qualifications of Plant Machinery Operators and Supervisors in the construction sector using the CPCS Card Scheme and Scaffolders under the CISRS Card Scheme.

The NOCN International Skills Card:

  • Digitally records and validates multiple qualifications and achievements on one card
  • Offers a visual and digital Identity and Skills check
  • Uses a Card Scanner App. for easy card checking
  • Tailored to regional or national requirements
  • Supports qualifications which need regular updates, such as Safety and Health Training
  • Supports the Construction and Security Industries
  • Schemes possible for Apprenticeships and Work-Ready Programmes

A wide range of learner achievements can be recorded and managed through the NOCN International Card Scheme.

  • Achievement of most UK Regulated UK qualifications (RQF)
  • NOCN International Qualifications designed for global markets
  • Health and Safety Programmes
  • Units of learning building to a larger Qualification or Scheme (Work Readiness)
  • Frameworks of qualification supporting Apprenticeships and other Learning at Work schemes
  • Testing of Competence in Plant and Construction Sectors
  • Short Industry-lead training programmes
  • Achievement of qualifications and Programmes in languages other than English

Why choose NOCN International Qualifications?

  • NOCN International Qualifications are designed to meet different regions needs and not tied to UK legislation
  • UK CPCS Qualifications are tied to UK Boards and National Institutes in the UK which restrict delivery outside the UK
  • Different materials and methods are used in other regions which make the UK regulated qualifications irrelevant, and international qualifications which meet UK standards for quality more relevant and useful to industry.
  • Internationally managed qualifications can build skills bridges between parts of the world that share workers. Giving portability of Skills to Workers
  • International Qualifications can be a pathway to achieving qualifications in the UK through the Recognition of Prior Achievement