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ASEAN Centres

Take a look at our centres in the ASEAN region.


University of Applied Research and Development (UARD)

UARD operates in Malaysia, Nepal, Kazakhstan, and India. They were NOCN's first approved centre in the ASEAN region and offer accredited programmes from level 4-7 in various sectors.


Lestari Professional Consultancy (LPC)

LPC offer a range of NOCN Accredited programmes designed to meet the challenges on the industry. Their aim is to upskill the workforce and prepare graduates for work. LPC wishes to add value to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) by integrating Online Learning, Blended Learning, and Remote Learning at Borneo Island.

Sabah Skills and Technology Centre (SSTC)

The Sabah Skills & Technology Centre (SSTC) is Sabah’s very own skills development centre, and the result of close cooperation between the Sabah Government and the industry. SSTC aspires to actively provide the best of skills training available to meet current needs and strengthen the knowledge and skills level of the State’s workforce.

EDUK8U: Grad School Asia

EDUK8U offer a wide range of NOCN and Cskills Awards programmes supported by Government-funded initiatives. Their specialist sectors include hospitality, construction skills, security, facilities management, and warehousing. NOCN’s strategic partnerships such as this ensure a valuable delivery to learners.

Wild Geese Group

Wild Geese Group lead the way into the digitalization of all their accredited training programs and have identified a missing link to how they offer clients “the next level” of qualification. They now accept elevated levels of Recognized Prior Learning (RPL) from the Oil & Gas Industry sector workers and then Develop & Deliver the gap programs and then award accordingly.


NIOSH research, programs, and publications are responsive to the occupational health and safety problems. NIOSH utilizes only the best science, the highest quality of data, and the most transparent and independent peer review which results in a high quality experience for learners.

Sarawak Skills

Established in June 1994, the Sarawak Skills Development Centre is a training and education provider supported by the state government through the provision of infrastructure and an annual operating grant and the backing of the federal government that provides student grants and loans.



Agilityship are specialists and have been offering training and consultancy for many years. NOCN and the British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia have jointly accredited Agilityship’s ‘Agile Leadership Programme’ (Level 7).


TOOOPLE Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based for-profit IT organization that aims to bridge the acute gap between formal education and the industry by supporting organizations in their efforts to groom skilful IT professionals through a virtual platform. NOCN accredit Tooople’s training and mentoring programmes.



Nisai Group is approved by NOCN to deliver academic and technical qualifications to school children and adults. As of November 2020, Nisai have representation covering Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore Vietnam, and the wider Indochina region.