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NOCN International has a growing network of NOCN Group Approved Centres in Europe. Our centres in Greece and Italy specialise in ESOL International qualifications.

NOCN works with local government agencies, training providers and employers to offer a range of products and services, to improve and accredit local training programmes.

Training Centres Approved by NOCN and operating in the region are:

Global Awards

Working with our partner Global Awards and Panhellenic Federation of Language Schools Owners (PALSO), NOCN successfully runs ESOL International examinations in a wide range of locations in Greece, the Greek Islands and Cyprus.

Our ESOL International English assessment and testing in Greece, helps hundreds of ambitious, talented people improve their skills in, the dominant language for business and hospitality that is essential to so many careers. We also work with Greek technology developers on a range of online solutions and services for both local and international skills delivery and testing.

“NOCN is an internationally recognised awarding body, flexible to the needs of local learners. Consequently, the entrance of NOCN into Greece had a great impact on the ESOL market. NOCN’s adaptability along with Global Awards’ effective marketing activity and operational delivery, has resulted in a tremendous rise in registrations within a period of only two years. The number of learners has increased from 1300 in 2014 to over 10700 in 2016. Our excellent collaboration enables us to provide a superior service to our learners.”

Chris Halkiadaki General Manager, Global Awards S.A.

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Higher Learning 25 (HL25) and AELS Ltd

Higher Learning 25 (HL25) and AELS Ltd offer NOCN ESOL International examinations to a large number of state and private schools and universities.

School pupils, university graduates and teachers are able to take the ESOL International examinations at a range of CEFR level from A1 – C2. As the operation rolls out we aim to be offering NOCN ESOL International English Language exams in close to 600 different eCampus sites in mainland Italy, Sicily and Sardinia.

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The University of Applied Research & Development

The University of Applied Research & Development (UARD) provides professional career opportunities across multiple regions including the USA, ASEAN, New Zealand, Nepal, India, Malaysia, UK, UAE, Middle East and Russia.

UARD is led by Dr Craig Hansen and provides the following qualifications directly and through partners such as the WGG Academy, City Life Centre, TC Institute, Horizon, CIRCLES Indonesia and Threedi (3Di) Institute:

  • Diploma, Bachelor & Masters in Emergency Response & Risk Management (7 majors)
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA with 5 majors)
  • Diploma, Bachelor & Masters in Design (including animation, VR/AR and VFX)
  • Diploma & Masters in Education
  • Post-Graduate Certificate, Diploma and Masters in Child Protection
  • Bachelor & Masters in Science (including occupational health leadership, IT & educational technology)
  • Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor & Masters in Community Leadership & Ministry.

UARD is based in New Zealand, Accredited in the United Kingdom and partners with global leaders in professional & industry development to create & deliver qualifications both face-to-face and online; UARD is accredited by both NOCN & One Awards. UARD has an extensive faculty with the highest qualifications in their field and broad networks, enabling cutting-edge and highly relevant education. View their website here.

We are currently seeking new opportunities and partnerships in this region to add to this list, please complete the enquiry form below if you are interested in becoming an Approved NOCN Group Centre.