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WorldSkills UK Productivity Lab

WorldSkills UK champions world-class apprenticeships and technical skills through Skills Competitions, WorldSkills UK LIVE and skills role models.

In 2019, NOCN formed a strategic partnership with WorldSkills UK to work together to share global skills insights with businesses, education bodies and governments through the WorldSkills UK Productivity Lab – a programme designed to mainstream international skills excellence to help boost productivity and economic competitiveness.

As a leading provider of Productivity Skills Qualifications, NOCN shares a vision to build productivity in the UK by upskilling the construction and manufacturing sectors. The Productivity Lab is a bold initiative from WorldSkills UK which will harness collective research knowledge and best practice to build a platform for raised working efficiencies, increased output and lowered lag times.

International research

NOCN supported WorldSkills UK’s launch of its international drive to improve the UK’s productivity at an event in May 2019 at which a significant piece of research from the RSA and WorldSkills UK, supported by the Further Education Trust for Leadership (FETL) was released. The research highlighted inspiring examples of innovation in skills from around the world to help improve UK policy, exploring case studies from four key places; Switzerland, Shanghai, Russia, and Singapore and identifying ‘key success factors’ for the UK to learn from.

International events

In August 2019, WorldSkills UK will enter its team of apprentices and students into the international WorldSkills Competition hosted in Kazan, Russia. As part of the strategic partnership between WorldSkills UK and NOCN, the Productivity Lab will provide industry leaders with access to the world’s best skills innovations during the competition to transfer knowledge and identify ways in which UK policy can be transformed to improve skills development, making the UK more productive and competitive.

Watch this space for further news on the Productivity Lab campaign and NOCN’s involvement as lead sponsor.