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Are you Social?

We recently asked our customers what they thought of NOCN's social media activity and the result were very positive. Here is a summary of the feedback:

These results show that our followers value what we publish on social media. The content is relevant, helpful and informative and helps people understand NOCN better. There is some more work to be done on the volume and frequency of information and also in fostering a greater sense of connection in the online community.

Are you Social?

Do you follow NOCN on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin? Did you know we have a Flikr site for our images or a Youtube channel for our videos?

Social media is an integral part of NOCN's communication strategy and a core element in our marketing mix. For example, we regularly publish news, blogs, stories and promotions on Twitter and Facebook, attracting people to our website, we use Linkedin for professional networking and recruitment, Facebook and Twitter are both great for news and information dissemination and Twitter is particularly useful for up to the minute news from our sector, especially when used live at events.

If you’re not already on social media then you’re missing out. By leaving this gap in your marketing ecosystem, you allow your competitors to fill that space. They are talking to your customers right now!

If want to know more, here are some websites giving advice on starting out with social media:

The basics:





And don’t forget to follow NOCN on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. See you on social!