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NOCN Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering

Ref : B19-14

Type : Amendment

Date : 22 February 2019

Following recent discussions between qualifications regulators and other awarding organisations, NOCN will amend the Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering as shown in the table, below.
This qualification currently has two assessment methods, portfolio and online multiple-choice test. It is important to note that the portfolio method will be withdrawn on 31 August 2019 leaving the online multiple-choice test as the only method of assessment. This means that centres will need to have laptops/PC’s to enable learners to be tested.
We will issue further bulletins to keep you informed of progress.


Add details about the online multiple-choice test to the qualification specification.   

This will be completed by 22 February 2019


Draft indicative content for the unit to provide more details about the breadth and depth of learning required to complete the qualification.

Consult with centres before finalising the indicative content.

This will be completed by 10 May 2019


Withdraw the portfolio method of assessment leaving the online multiple choice test.

This will be completed by 31 August 2019


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