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Equality and quality in apprenticeships; NOCN's commitment to valuing all

Being good in business is good for business. Sound ethics should not be pushed to the edge; they need to be at the core of any successful business strategy

We all want to work with trustworthy businesses because trust is everything. We want to pay a fair price for a good quality service. We trust some brands and products over others because we believe they are good quality and fairly priced. We also choose them if we feel our ethics are aligned. We are not going to pick a business if they are poor quality, expensive and treat their employees poorly!

So business ethics also extend to how we act and treat others. As an accredited Leader in Diversity, NOCN is committed to valuing all its employees and customers, treating everyone equally with respect, dignity and trust. This means for example, we support all learning opportunities whether its women in engineering and construction, men in health and special care and more people from BAME communities into apprenticeships.

The impact of not being ethical, of not being good in business is clear, just look at all the recent corporate failures and charity controversies. There is a clear line between ethics and failure.

NOCN is the ethical choice for apprenticeship qualifications and assessments in the Sheffield City region and beyond. We are not-for-profit so our prices are fair, we are Ofqual regulated so quality focussed, our business terms are transparent and our people are trusted experts.

This also means our customers must act properly, be good in business, do the right thing. As a Leader in Diversity we are happy to advise you on ways to improve your equality diversity and inclusion.

The ultimate beneficiary of our services is of course the apprentice. By ensuring a good quality apprenticeship from beginning to end, they gain the skills, knowledge and behaviours which will give them a meaningful and rewarding career in their chosen profession.

If you are a Levy paying employer or a registered apprentice training provider and want to work with a progressive, ethical business which also happens to be a market leader for apprentice end point assessment, you know who to talk to so get in touch today.

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