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Improving Adult Basic Digital Skills Consultation

This week marks the beginning of a 12-week government consultation into ‘Improving Adult Basic Digital Skills’.

Digital skills remain a key barrier preventing adults from fully participating in society, as detailed in the NOCN Group and Learning & Work Institute’s ‘Skills to Drive a Productive Society Report’, published last month.

In 2017, the UK Digital strategy set out the ambition for everyone to have the core digital skills needed to participate in society. However, a recent basic digital skills survey, undertaken by Ipsos Mori and commissioned by Lloyds Banking Group, estimates that 11.3 million (21%) adults in the UK do not have the full range of basic digital skills and 4.3 million (8%) have no basic digital skills at all.

As the UK leaves the European Union, it is vital to continue to develop home-grown talent, up-skill our workforce and develop the skills needed to maintain our growing digital sector. We must reduce inequalities for those who do not possess basic digital skills, to enable all members of society to take full advantage of the transformational benefits of the digital revolution.

Job roles are predicted to change dramatically in the next decade, and we need to prepare for the effect of digital and AI advancements across all sectors. There are predictions that up to 35% of jobs will be affected in the coming decade and within 20 years 90% of all jobs will require some element of digital skills. Our report outlines how skills, linked to investment are the key to improving productivity, whilst at the same time addressing the challenges of AI and social mobility.

Finally, Ofqual will be running a parallel consultation regarding titling the qualifications, coverage of the national standards and the structure of the qualifications. NOCN Group welcomes the Ofqual and Government consultation periods, to find out more visit: