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NOCN MD Graham delighted to be new BACH President

NOCN Managing Director Graham Hasting-Evans appointed as BACH President

The British Association of Construction Heads (BACH) whose members manage the majority of Learners studying the construction FE curriculum in the UK, has appointed NOCN MD Graham Hasting-Evans as its new president, who says he is “delighted to accept the position”.

Graham joins BACH as a long-serving member of the Institute of Civil Engineers with extensive experience in the UK and internationally on a host of civil engineering projects. He will fulfil the Bach role alongside his position leading NOCN Group; where he will continue to champion high quality qualifications, skills and apprenticeships in the UK and internationally.

Five years of reform and still no bricklayers!

In a personal statement, Graham gives his assessment of the apprenticeship reforms, T-Levels and BREXIT and how these impact on the construction sector:

“It is disappointing that after five frustrating years the Government’s system has not been able to certificate a single bricklayer, carpenter or plasterer on the new Trailblazer apprenticeship standards.”

On apprenticeships and T-Levels, he continues,

“We are unlikely to see any significant benefits to the construction industry for over five years, or possibly much longer. With BREXIT in March 2019, the industry will need a short-term programme to span the gap. This will have to include up-skilling of our existing workforce.”

BACH continues to step up to the plate

It is in this challenging context that Graham joins BACH and his message is upbeat:

“One thing is sure and that is, despite all the difficulties, BACH members will continue to step up to the plate to give the industry what its needs. I see BACH’s roll as supporting its members through this major period of change so that they in turn can support the employers, apprentices and learners”.

Further information

  • Read the President of BACH Statement in full, here.
  • For further information on BACH, click here.
  • BACH Enquiries to: Ian Stirling, Business Manager, BACH. Direct Line 07539 143 184, Email:
  • NOCN and Graham Hastign-Evans related enquries to: James Harkness, NOCN, Tel: 07904 034 030 or email: 
Follow Graham's BACH Twitter account here - @BACH_President