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NOCN proudly sponsoring Apprenticeships 4 England Conference 2019

NOCN is this year’s headline sponsor at the Apprenticeships 4 England Conference on 9th July. The conference, which NOCN has sponsored in recent years, is themed around End Point Assessment (EPA) and Apprenticeships Standards.

The Conference offers an opportunity for training providers and businesses to find out what EPA means for them and how best to prepare apprentices for it. Key speakers will be using industry insights and their own experience offering EPA to explore what it means for on-programme training providers and their front-line staff.

The 2013 reform of apprenticeships resulted in the UK being the first economy in the World to attempt to cover all sectors with apprenticeship entry and progression routes. This meant that learners could follow an apprenticeship programme from Level 2 to Level 6 and beyond, which is essential to the upskilling of the UK workforce.

This year, one of the biggest changes in the apprenticeship reform is the inclusion of EPA; all apprentices are required to pass an end-point assessment to complete their qualification, as opposed to the former Apprenticeship Frameworks where the assessment took place throughout the course.

As a leading End Point Assessment Organisation in England for reformed Apprenticeships, NOCN is at the forefront of vocational skills development and has the most Government approvals to deliver EPA for over 40 standards in sectors from construction to financial services, and education to health and science. Working with training providers and employers across the UK, NOCN ensures that all apprentices have the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the new employer led standards.

NOCN’s Managing Director, Graham Hasting-Evans, is speaking at the Conference about ways to ensure a successful EPA process and to instil confidence in apprentices, employers and society. Graham will highlight common factors which contribute to negative EPA outcomes for apprentices, and ways in with training providers and employers can make the process as smooth as possible.

“We believe the key to success, for the changing landscape, is to work in partnership, to work collectively and collaboratively. It is only in doing this can we all deliver the world class education system changes required.”Graham Hasting-Evans, Managing Director, NOCN

Find out about NOCN’s EPA offer here and follow our Twitter feed to see updates from the App4Eng Conference.