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NOCN Supports New CITB Campaign to tackle Construction Skills Challenges and Enhance Productivity

Construction is one of the key sectors identified as worst hit by productivity deficits and, as such, it is vital to draw more talent to it and retain and develop it, locking in and enhancing skills, so that productivity is driven upwards.

So as the one of the UK’s biggest construction sector awarding and assessment organisations, we wholeheartedly welcome the new “big, bold” careers campaign from our valued partner, the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), which is designed to attract a new generation of workers to the construction industry.

The ‘big six skills challenges’ identified by CITB research, all of which are key drivers for NOCN/CSkills Awards, too, include:

  • making construction an attractive career to a broader range of recruits
  • developing a ‘site-ready’ workforce
  • getting more construction learners to join the industry
  • growing the number and diversity of apprentices
  • helping smaller firms invest in the training that can transform their business
  • boosting the number of assessors for vocational qualifications.

This all supports recommendations outlined in NOCN Group’s recent report, co-authored with the Learning & Work Institute, Skills to Drive a Productive Society, which highlights long-standing and widening productivity gaps.

These are currently running at around 30% with other comparable nations. Unlike most developed countries, the UK has not recovered since the financial crisis of a decade ago – indeed, it is virtually flat-lining.

Engaging with and motivating the next generation of construction workers – often from communities and background not historically known for their close connections with the sector – the latest CITB careers drive is set to be a driving force of the positive turnaround needed.

Explaining how it will work, the CITB said: “This big, bold campaign will highlight the many fantastic and well-paid career opportunities available, reaching groups who have traditionally been underrepresented in the industry.

This new campaign from CITB will amplify this, ensuring that Construction is given the recognition it deserves as an exciting, future-facing career choice.

More information on the CITB campaign can be found HERE.