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We need one organisation to run apprenticeships

NOCN strongly supports the Apprenticeship reforms as a way to transform lives and boost productivity, yet the recent IfA Consultation is disappointing because it misses the opportunity to give clarity and direction.

In addition, the division of responsibility for the new system between the SfA and IfA will result in duplication. These are the conclusions of Graham Hasting-Evans, MD of NOCN, in a recent FE Week article, on the shared roles of the SFA and IFA.

We have the opportunity with the new IfA (Institute for Apprenticeships) to do something radical and powerful, to deliver a fundamental change to the skills system, but this potential is being undermined. Graham explains:

“In our view, we need to have in place one organisation which is accountable for implementation, quality assurance and delivery of the most fundamental change to our skills system in a decade – and we need to start putting it in place now. We had hoped that the consultation would set out clearly the government’s vision and plans for the structure of the institute in April 2018 with the roadmap of how it plans to get to that point. Sadly we are very disappointed. So little progress has been made in the eight months since the Enterprise Act was passed. One wonders if anything meaningful will be in place for April 2017?”

You can read the full FE Week article as a PDF below.