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NOCN Group CEO featured in a Leaders Council Special Report

The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has released a special report entitled The Impact of the Skills and Post-16 Education Act on the Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing sectors.

This report examines the Skills and Post-16 Education Act with expert analysis from Tim Balcon (CEO of CITB), Robert Halfon MP (chair of the Education Select Committee) and Graham Hasting-Evans (CEO of NOCN Group), as well as other parliamentarians and expert organisations.

A summary of the Act is provided by The Leaders Council, who say, “Policy is not created in a vacuum and its effects are often felt in surprising and unexpected ways. In both the creation of policy and the aftermath of its implementation, a robust critique is vital. This Special Report provides a platform for such critique, which will be provided by experts from the construction, engineering and manufacturing industries. We take no stance ourselves but enable others who will be affected by policy changes to express their informed opinions.”

The special report will be presented to relevant MPs and Lords, as well as leading figures from within the construction, engineering and manufacturing sectors. The Leaders Council is open to additional input from anyone with an expertise on the subject.

The special report can be viewed here: