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NOCN Regional Gulf Office Opening

At the very heart of NOCN lies the mission to support and transform people through educational innovation and international ties.

As part of the organisation’s strides in accelerating the reach of vocational education and training into the wider world, the past 8 years have witnessed NOCN amassing over 30 approved centres in the Gulf region, namely in Bahrain and the UAE.

During the visit of NOCN’s ‘Group Director (Awarding Organisation)’ Paul Johnson, the Regional Gulf Office Opening ceremony was held to mark the official establishment of NOCN’s presence in the Gulf.

The office is going to serve an instrumental role in NOCN’s expansion into the Gulf and wider Middle East, as it will be responsible for attracting high-profile prospects and overseeing, managing, and expanding NOCN’s reach and network. This includes but is not limited to training institutes, colleges, universities, quality authorities and governments within the region.

With a rapidly growing number of centres, NOCN firmly believes that this direct access to their services and support will ensure that learners and institutes receive a consistent NOCN experience and maximized support while fostering prosperous relations and partnerships across the region.

The opening ceremony was a momentous occasion which hosted NOCN’s Regional Office team, Group Director, key stakeholders, strategic partners, and an esteemed guest from the British Embassy, Alister Long, British Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Regional Manager, Ebrahim Radhi, stated, “I’m honored to have led these operations in the Gulf and continue to do so. I believe that the door to increasing the competitiveness of our learners and enhancing our talented labour force is achieved by facilitating quality offering of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, and there is no better gateway to that than NOCN.”

The British Ambassador's presence underscored the significance of the opening, highlighting the close ties between the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Bahrain. In his speech, he emphasised, “I welcome NOCN into Bahrain with the certainty that big things await in the GCC... because it actively ensures that the UK standards are met across the varieties of professional disciplines, and having been operating in the region for some time, the official opening of the Regional Office will allow those efforts to flourish on an even wider scale.”

Paul Johnson, Group Director of NOCN, added onto that, “We are a successful company, but we are also a prudent company. We think long and hard about how we work outside of the UK. The opening of the Regional Gulf Office demonstrates our long-term dedication to working in the Gulf and our confidence in the team in Bahrain. We think, and we believe, that in the coming months and years of working in this region, we will be recognised as an organisation that is credible, trusted, and the first choice for learners and institutes when information, advice, guidance, and quality learning and skills development are needed.”

NOCN's role as a catalyst for positive change in its field is not bound to the UK, and this significant milestone truly showcases NOCN's serious commitment to promoting skills development and education everywhere, further solidifying the brand’s core values and amplifying its message:

Creating opportunities, because people matter.