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NTTF and NOCN Group Forge Pathways to UK Universities for Indian Engineering Students

In an era of increasing globalisation, partnerships between educational institutions are vital for fostering international collaboration and facilitating student academic progression.

One such partnership that holds tremendous promise is between NTTF (Nettur Technical Training Foundation), a group of Indian Colleges, and NOCN Group, a leading UK awarding organisation. Together, they have developed a benchmarked Engineering qualification at Level 5, providing Indian students with an excellent opportunity to pursue further studies in the United Kingdom.

The NTTF-NOCN Engineering Qualification

The collaboration between NTTF and NOCN Group has created a UK-benchmarked Engineering qualification at Level 5. This program offers students in India a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with the standards and expectations of UK universities. By developing this qualification, NTTF and NOCN Group aim to bridge the gap between Indian and UK educational systems, providing students with a clear pathway to pursue a degree in Engineering in the United Kingdom.

Benchmarking and Uplift Program

NTTF and NOCN Group have undertaken a rigorous benchmarking and uplift program to ensure the highest standards of education and student achievement. This program entails aligning the existing NTTF curriculum with UK universities' requirements and benchmarks. By doing so, they have enhanced the quality of education and equipped students with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the UK higher education system.

The benchmarking and uplift program covers various aspects, including:

  • Curriculum Enhancement: The curriculum has been tailored to meet UK universities' specific requirements and expectations, incorporating subjects and topics essential for successful progression to an Engineering degree program.
  • Faculty Development: NTTF faculty members have received specialised training and professional development opportunities to enhance their teaching methods and effectively deliver the benchmarked curriculum.
  • Infrastructure and Resources: NTTF has invested in state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories, and resources necessary to provide a conducive learning environment for students pursuing the Engineering qualification.

Benefits of Partnering with NTTF and NOCN Group

  • Streamlined Progression: UK universities interested in admitting international students with a solid foundation in Engineering can benefit from the partnership with NTTF and NOCN Group. The benchmarked Level 5 qualification is a reliable indicator of students' preparedness for higher education and ensures a smooth transition to degree programs.
  • Quality Assurance: The benchmarking and uplift program undertaken by NTTF and NOCN Group ensures that students' education and achievements meet the high standards set by UK universities. Universities can have confidence in the student's abilities and aptitude for success in their Engineering programs.
  • Diversifying the Student Body: By collaborating with NTTF and NOCN Group, UK universities can attract a diverse pool of talented students from India who have undergone rigorous training and possess a unique perspective. This partnership contributes to fostering a multicultural and globally aware learning environment.

Contact for Progression Agreements

UK universities seeking to establish progression agreements for engineering programs with NTTF and NOCN Group can get in touch at

The partnership between NTTF and NOCN Group represents a significant step toward facilitating the academic progression of Indian engineering students to UK universities. The benchmarked Engineering qualification at Level 5, developed through a comprehensive benchmarking and uplift program, ensures that students have the necessary knowledge and skills for success in higher education. UK universities are encouraged to explore the potential of partnering with NTTF and NOCN Group to establish progression agreements, thus welcoming talented students from India and promoting international collaboration in engineering.