Coronavirus update for customers

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Coronavirus update for customers

NOCN Group offers a wide range of services including regulated qualifications, EPA for apprenticeships, Job Cards in construction, Access to HE Diplomas, bespoke accreditation, and educational and skills support training.

As you will be aware the government imposed a third national lockdown from Tuesday 5th January 2021. You will find out more operational detail on the implications for each of these services through the following links:

Business Development
Regulated Qualifications
EPA for Apprenticeships
Job Cards in construction (CPCS)
One Awards

Please note that NOCN Group will be following the guidance issued by the ESFA, IfATE, Ofqual, CCEA Regulation, QAA, and Qualifications Wales, and will update our customers as things change.

If you have any concerns or would like to discuss the impact on your centre, apprentices or learners please contact us on or 0300 999 1177.

Further information:

Letter from Gavin Williamson CBE MP to Simon Lebus

Letter from Simon Lebus to Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE MP

Using Xbox to Access Online Learning

It is possible for learners to access their online work from home using a gaming console. For guidance on how to do this please download the document here.

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Productivity Lab Learnings: Raising the status of technical education in the UK

On 26th February 2020, NOCN Group sponsored a WorldSkills UK Productivity Lab round-up event to discuss what the UK can learn from other countries when it comes to raising the status of technical education.

The event was attended by key representatives from the FE sector, including speakers Graham Hasting-Evans, NOCN Group’s Managing Director; Ben Blackledge, WorldSkills UK Deputy Chief Executive Officer; Laura-Jane Rawlings, Youth Employment UK Chief Executive and chaired by Suzanne Duncan, East Durham College Chief Executive and Principal.

Using insights gathered at the WorldSkills International competition in 2019, Graham Hasting-Evans spoke at the event about how technical education can have a big impact on productivity and the economy. Using best practice examples from other countries, Graham highlighted how we need to better train our young people in technical education, and also upskill the current workforce, if we are to compete on the world stage.

NOCN Group and WorldSkills UK joined forces last year for the Productivity Lab; a programme designed to mainstream international skills excellence by using the latest insights to help boost productivity and economic competitiveness and NOCN Group subsequently released a ‘Constructing Smarter’ report on improving UK construction’s productivity.

NOCN was delighted to partner WorldSkills UK, as both organisations have objectives and aspirations in common, including a dynamic drive to gain knowledge from overseas and build on the advances the construction sector has already made.

Read the Productivity Lab report here.

Read the Constructing Smarter report here