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Appointed Person - Crawler Cranes

This course is to upskill existing, experienced Appointed Persons to ensure they have the right knowledge and awareness of the planning considerations and specific hazards posed by lifting operations with crawler cranes.

Ensuring learners have effective means of identifying the hazards and implementing effective control measures to enable lifting operations with crawler cranes to be carried out safely.

Course Content

  • Types of crawler cranes
  • When is it a lifting operation?
  • Use of attachments.
  • What do you need for a lifting operation with an excavator.
  • Capacity / stability.
  • Red zones.
  • Free hanging accessories.
  • Calculation of track pressures.
  • Qualification requirements.
  • Travelling with a load.
  • Further guidance sources.

Course Structure

  • Development Partner: Emerson Crane Hire
  • Course Length: 1 day
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Assessment: Written Theory Assessment

Who is this course designed for?

Created for experienced CPCS qualified Appointed Persons (A61) and Competent Operators (blue cards) who have responsibility for planning and managing lifting operations with excavators.

Train The Trainer

  • There is no train-the-trainer requirement for this course.

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