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Eco Operator

NOCN Group have produced this Assured Course in association with Flannery Plant Hire, L Lynch and CPA to raise awareness and understanding of the impact of construction plant on the environment.

Delegates will be aware of the impact of plant operation emissions on the local and global environment and understand how they can help reduce this impact through efficient use of plant in construction.

Course Content

  • The impact that plant operations can have on people, society and the environment.
  • Why the government and the construction industry are committed to Carbon Zero initiatives.
  • Causes and factors of climate change related to plant operations.
  • What engine emissions are, how they are caused and how they affect others.
  • How planning of work and operating efficiently leads to emissions reductions and fuel savings.

Course Structure

  • Development Partner: Llynch / Flannery Plant Hire / CPA
  • Course Length: ½ day
  • Assessment: Written Multiple-Choice Assessment

Who is this course designed for?

The course is primarily aimed at anyone who operates or works with plant including managers and supervisors as part of their daily duties.

Train The Trainer

  • There is no train-the-trainer requirement for this course.

Registration Cost