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Loadmaster Course

The SiteRight Loadmaster course was developed in collaboration with Flannery Plant Hire and the Operator Skills Hub. Designed to promote safe plant vehicle loading and unloading practices in the construction industry.

The modules upskill candidates on the correct procedures and best practices for the safe loading and unloading of mobile plant and equipment.

The loadmaster course was developed after several incidents, including a near miss on a Smart Motorway project. The seriousness of the incidents highlighted the need for the education of the teams responsible for the delivery and collection of plant to and from construction and infrastructure sites.

Course Content

  • To raise awareness and understand the role of the loadmaster.
  • To know limitations and requirements for different types of loaders.
  • To understand the process of loading/unloading plant onto transport.
  • To understand current legislation, regulation regarding working at height.
  • To understand the loadmasters responsibilities relating to loading / unloading.
  • To recognise the consequences of failure to follow loadmaster procedures.
  • To understand minimum exclusion zones and reason for requirement.
  • To recognise and prevent hazards associated with loading / unloading plant.

Course Structure

  • Development Partner: Flannery Plant Hire and the Operator Skills Hub
  • Course Length: ½ day
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Assessment: Multiple-Choice Test

Who is this course designed for?

The course is aimed at site forepersons, supervisors, managers, planners and any other site personnel who are responsible for the safe practice of loading and unloading mobile plant.

Train The Trainer

  • There is no train-the-trainer requirement for this course.

Registration Cost