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Planning and Supervising Lifting Operations with Excavators

This course will upskill existing Appointed Persons and Lift Supervisors in relation to using excavators for lifting operations.

Ensuring learners have effective means of understanding planning considerations for the use of excavators in lifting operations and are able to identify hazards and implement effective control measures to enable operations to be carried out safely.

Course Content

  • Types of excavator / terminology
  • Regulation / standards / industry guidance overview
  • How to assess when LOLER applies
  • Key safety devices
  • Stability of excavators and capacity for lifting operations
  • Understanding duty charts
  • Travelling with suspended loads – increased risks and controls
  • Using the hitch correctly
  • Ground conditions
  • Determining track pressures
  • Management of temporary works
  • Engineering considerations
  • Qualification requirements
  • Working safely near excavators
  • Communication
  • Lifting loads embedded in the ground
  • Lift planning


Course Structure

  • Development Partner: Costain
  • Course Length: 1 day
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Assessment: Theory Assessment

Who is this course designed for?

Existing CPCS qualified Appointed Persons (A61) and Lift Supervisors (A62). Other personnel who have a responsibility for managing or working with excavators undertaking lifting operations, or would benefit from an increased level of knowledge.

Train The Trainer

  • There is a train-the-trainer requirement for this course (contact

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